About dadabhai naoroji international society

Dadabhai Naoroji International society was formed in the year 1990 in memory of great seer and savant Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji fondly remembered as the Grand old man of India at Bombay under the guardianship of Bharat Ratna Dr C Subhramaniam (governor of Maharashtra) and Shree J.R.D Tata (leading industrialist) of the country, The society follow the vision and ideals of Dadabhai Naoroji.

It was at that time when British Parliament observed a function to mark the entry of Dr Dada Bhai Naoroji into the house of commons a 100 years ago as a member of the liberal party. The Dadahai Naoroji international society was formed in India with veteran leaders like Shree Homi .H Taleyar Khan (Former Ambassador governor and mister) as chairman, Shree Tulsidas Jadav (The gandhian leader) as President and Dr. Professor S.S Mohapatra (Former member of Parliament Loksabha and Rajyasabha) and Former Secretary general AICC(I) as secretary general. Dr. L.M SinghVI High commissioner from India to UK was made international president of the society. He has done tremendous work during his tenure as high commissioner in UK and was responsible for installing the statue of Dadabhai Naoroji in India house in London.

Over the years his Excellency Giani Zail Singh has served as chief patron, late Shree Subhramaniam(Governor of Maharashtra) and Shree J.R.D Tata (Industrialist and Philanthropist) as founder patrons Shree Tulsidas Jadav(Former minister and freedom fighter) as past president, Shree Homi .H Talyar Khan as chairman, Dr L.M Singhvi High commissioner UK as international president, Mr. J.N Juzder as chairman Mumbai, Lt. General A.M Sethna as chairman Delhi, Professor DR.S.S Mohapatra EX. M.P (Loksabha and Rajyasabha) as secretary general, Homi N Modi (General secretary), Mumbai, F Rushtom ji as general secretary Delhi, Dr. Jyoti Mohapatra as central coordinator now secretary general, Mr suresh adhupiya as joint secretary, Mr SK. mediratta (FCA as organizing secretary).

Shree H.D Devegowda (Former Prime minister ), Shree Ramjet melani(Former union minister) , Dr. B satayanarayan Reddy (Former governor UP and Odisha), Shree Bhishma narayan Singh (Former governor Assam and Tamilnadu), Dr. PC Alexander (Former governor Maharashtra and high commisoner to UK) , Shree YP. Trivedi (Eminent Economist), Dr. SK tamotia (Former chairman visa steels) has served as patrons over the years, To name a few.

Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji was one of the founder of Indian National Congress and first Asian to enter to the British Parliament in 1892. Dadabhai Naoroji was the founder of National awakening, who said “whether I am a hindu, a Nohammedan, a Parsi, a Christian or any other creed, I am above all an Indian; Our country is India; our Nationality is Indian For the last 03 decades, since 1990 Dadabhai Naoroji international Society has organized many functions in Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkatta, celebrating the birth & death anniversaries of Late Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji in a very befitting manner. All our conferences were addressed by Governors, Union Ministers, Members of Parliament and academicians. Dadabhai Naoroji international Society has also established the prestigious “Dadabhai Naoroji millennium award” and “Dadabhai Naoroji international award” which are presented at this conferences to a very select few persons of high eminence and high profile lifetime achievements in different fields of activities. The 18 member jury comprising of distinguished persons from India and England select the awardees to be ratified by the board of Governors and directors, of DBN international society. It may be brought to the notice that the selection process is monitored by a high level jury which is evident from the fact that many of the awardees has been bestowed with the “Padmashree,Padmabhushan and Padmabibhushan awards” by the Govt. of India.

*Some of the leading personality already honored by this prestigious award are*

Dr. H. N. Sethna, renowned atomic scientist
Mr. Adi Godrej. renowned industrialist
Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, former Chief of Indian Amy (1999, New Delhi)
Dr. Bhai Mohan Singh, Managing Director, Ranbaxy Ltd. (1999, New Delhi)
Mr. J.N. Kaul, Chairman, SOS Children Village (1999, New Delhi)
Mr. M. A. Pathan, Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (2000, New Delhi)
Ms. Nafisa Ali, Social Activist & Film Actress (2000, New Dellhi)
Ms. Ritu Beri, International Fashion Designer (2000, New Delhi)
Ms. Gul Panag, Miss Universe & spokesperson of Helpage (2000, New Delhi)
Ms. Sarita J. Das, IAS, Secy. Gen., National Minorties Commission (2000,N.Delhi)
Ms. Subha Rajan, Director, Confederation of Indian Industry (CI) (2000, New Delhi)
Mrs. Nita Ambani, renowned industrialist & leading social activist (2000, Mumbai)
Mr. Sunil Dutt, M.P., social worker & Film actor (2000, Mumbai)
Ms. Nirmala Deshpande, Ex-M.P., renowncd Gandhian lcader (2000, Mumbai)
Mrs. Sharayu Daftary, President, Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai (2000, Mumbai)
Mr. Keshub Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra Lid., (2000, Mumbai)
Lord Swaraj Paul, Member British House of Lords, U.K. (2001, New Delhi)
Mr. Yash Chopra, Renowned film director (2001, Mumbai)
Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Cine Star & Former M.P. (2002, Mumbai)
Dr. B. R. Chopra, Film producer & director (2002, Mumbai)
Mr. Jehangir Sabavala, World-renowned painter & artist (2002, Mumbai)
Mr. Anil Rai, Co-chairman, Rai Foundation & Rai University (2002, New Delhi)
Mr. N.S. Gujral, Chairman & Managing Dircctor, P &S Bank (2002, New Delhi)
Dr. N. H. Antia, world renowned Plastic Surgcon (2003, Mumbai)
Mr. Pankaj Udhas, renowned Ghazal Macstro (2003, Mumbai)
Mr. R. P. Billimoria, leading Management Consultant & Educationist (2003, Mumbai)
Ms. Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science & Environment (2003, New Delhi)
Mrs. Gita Sidharth, Sccy. General, Indian Council for Child Welfare (2003, New Delhi)
Dr. Sushil Verma, Director General, CIPET, Govt. of India (2004, Kolkatta)
Mr. S. S. Kohli, Ex-Chairman & Mg. Director, Punjab National Bank (2005, New Delhi)
Dr. Arvind Pandalai, CMD, State Trading Corporation of India Lad. (2005, New Delhi)
Mr. V. K. Singh, Chairman & Mg. Dircctor, Northern Coalficlds Ltd. (2005, New Delhi)
Mr. Subir Raha, Chairman & Mg. Director, O.N.G.C. (2005, Mumbai)
Mr. Thulasi Das, IAS, Chairman & Mg. Director, Air India (2005, Mumbai)
Mr. Farrokh K. Kavarana, Director, Tata Ind. Ltd. (2005, Mumbai)